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Official data of Senčila Bled d.o.o.:

Company name:Senčila Bled d.o.o.
Headquarters:Pot na Lisice 11, 4260 Bled
Company registration date:20.04.2004
Registration number:1936964000 
Tax number:SI26505444
TRR at GB d..d:SI56 0700 0000 0914 121
The company is registered:Okrožno sodišče v Kranju št. reg. vložka 1/07524/00.
Share capital:268.763 EUR
Owner:Sandra Bogataj

“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development”.

Senčila Bled d.o.o. operations under the E-Commerce call for proposals  |  Competence-building training in the framework of the project Senčila Bled d.o.o.

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